by email-

Dear Lindsay

Just a belated thank you for the session last week as we have been away for three days since then.

I had a lesson with my trainer today and he said I was keeping the horses much straighter in canter on the centre line and not letting them fall to the right in halt...I'm sure it is because I am consciously putting my left hip forward now!!  Also feel deeper in the saddle and more secure.  I have ordered the foam roll today too. Will be keeping up the new exercises and hope to come for a top up session in a few weeks...meantime if you are in this region please let me know ..you would always be welcome to stay here.

Best regards Pat Barnes

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Hello Lindsay

Thank you very much for your time and patience on Saturday. I learnt an enormous amount (and have just remembered to place my feet squarely on the floor whilst sitting at my desk!) and feel very encouraged. Although my body ached when I woke yesterday (mainly spine and triceps!) I was not at all stiff which, given my usual stiff lower back, was a really pleasant surprise.

I will do my best to be a good girl with the exercises, and look forwards to seeing you again in February.



Dr Pam Loughna


by email-

Hi Lindsay,

I have been using your techniques and have seen good results-  most noticeably I am now able to ride my four year old in a dressage saddle with no martingale at last!  The giraffe impressions and bucking fits are a distant memory.  I have also been able to start using weight aids, and less leg, which Uni prefers and goes forward much more freely. 

Keep spreading the equipilates gospel- it seems to be working for me!

Rachel Collins


by email-

Hi Lindsay,

Your help and advice is hugely improving my balance.  I feel much more secure and stable and I wonder if this has been instrumental in helping my boy Koto to work forward more freely.  I am realising how sensitive he is as I become more bodily aware.  I think I have been blinding and blocking him inadvertently by giving continual multiple and conflicting aids without even knowing it!.   

Thank you again for the continual enlightenment. I have the will and you are showing me the way!

Myra Ng


I began training with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid about four years ago in 2004.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis caused by Scheuermann's Disease at the age of 13 (1996) and was informed that my physical stance would deteriorate rapidly due to the progession of the disease and was advised never to ride again, as even an innocuous fall could cause extremely serious damage.  I insisted that I would continue to ride!  

Although he has lovely big paces and can be very expressive, my ID x Welsh cob can also be opinionated and strong.  With my poor posture and weak core and back muscles, schooling could be something of a nightmare and hacking out rather hairy as I struggled to control him.  He is sensitive and picked up on my physcial weakness and wasted no time in taking advantage!   I began training with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid about four years ago in 2004.  With constant work on my position whilst have gymnastic training on my own horse and also EquiPilates lunge lessons on Lindsay's schoolmasters, there has been a huge increase in muscular support to my spinal column.  My latest MRI scan showed that the muscles supporting my spine show a stronger density than my consultant ever expect to achieve from physiotherapy, and was astounded at the 65% improvement with no medical intervention.  He has recommended that I continue to ride with the hope of maintaining and further developing the muscle strength.

I am now riding with confidence in myself and my ability to influence my horse with a correctly balanced seat and as a result, his confidence in me has grown too.  From buying Jenson as a family pet to enjoy and aiming to hack out, we are now competing in affiliated British Dressage competitions and hope to qualify for the Regional Championships.

Tanya Yeomans


by email-

Hi Lindsay,

I attended the lecture-demonstration at Seechem's Equestrian Centre on Saturday evening and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  When I rode on Monday, I tried to correct my position, and to use pelvic floor/abdominal muscles while riding.  It made such a difference- my horse is usually very much on the forehand and very heavy on my hands and arms, but he was light and responsive in no time at all. 

Thanks again- fabulous!

Lynne Rogerson